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I’m a Research Scientist at Google working on natural language, graph learning, and social networks. In general I’m interested in what can be learned from where & when information travels on the web. After an undergrad in math I did a doctorate degree in statistics at UNC Chapel Hill with a dissertation focused on community detection. My advisors were Andrew Nobel and Shankar Bhamidi. For much of my degree I was an active member of a working group in the GTEX Project led by Andrew and Fred Wright.

I made this site in grad school to showcase my main project, CCME. Nowadays there are much better ways to do graph clustering, and I maintain this site mainly as a way to maintain the SEO of my name. The lists of publications and talks below are out-of-date and will probably stay that way. The full list of my work is of course on Google Scholar, and you can find me in Google corp spaces such as my persons page and this blog post.

I also have a second life as a musician. If you’re in the Bay Area and you like jazz, R&B, and hip-hop, come see me play:


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